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Plumbing is not only restricted to the kitchen and bathroom, although that is where most of the common issues and repairs occur. However, any water connection on your property is a need for a plumber. If you’re looking to add taps outside for the garden hose, set up irrigation and sprinkler systems for the flower beds, if you’re thinking about installing or upgrading your pool, all these outdoor plumbing issues require a specialist.

Ideally, a specialist plumber will be able to review your situation, source the best solution and products needed for the job, and you can have clear flowing water to all areas of your home.

If you have a plumbing emergency or you’re keen on upgrading your outdoor plumbing in Durban, then reach out to us at Speed Plumbers and schedule a call out or enquire for a quote.

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    Swimming pool fixtures

    Do you need your pools plumbing fixtures repaired or replaced so that you can have your pool ready and filled for the summertime? Don’t hesitate and rather get an estimate for the work from specialist plumbers in the Durban area.

    Gardening water system renovation and installation

    Looking to start a garden or are you tired of having to spend hours manually moving your hose around to water every inch of your garden? Then let us assist you, our team of specialist plumbers will be able to assess your garden and put together an irrigation system that fits your home and budget or replace the old one you’ve had in the past.


    Gas supply fixing and maintenance

    Due to the shortages of electricity, many South Africans are now opting for gas installations for their kitchen to heat their stoves or for the geyser so they can maintain warm water regardless of the availability of electricity.  If you are thinking of switching over, you need a licenced professional to have it installed and ensure that it is up to code.

    Iced up pipe repair

    Have your pipes frozen over during the winter times and has started to damage your pipes? Is it simply not as free-flowing as it once was due to ice and corrosion? Let us have a look at your iced up pipes and either clear or repair them depending on the severity of your situation.

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    Speed Plumbers offer all plumbing related services in Durban. Bespoke Bathroom renovations

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    If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

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    We do more than a renovation service- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money.