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Your kitchen is one of the essential parts of any home, and for businesses like restaurants, it’s the engine room of the company that cannot afford to be held up for a moment. The fact that it is used daily with thousands of pieces of food, cleaned washed and chopped a lot of that tends to end up in drains and can cause issues.

Making sure your drains are adequately cleaned can ensure that you don’t clog up your kitchen sink and that water can flow freely from the kitchen.

In other cases, you may require a kitchen upgrade, to swap out your sink or repair taps and fixtures as they age and wear, having a specialist plumber on hand makes light work of these kinds of jobs.

If you have a kitchen plumbing emergency or you’re keen on upgrading your kitchen in Durban, then reach out to us at Speed Plumbers and schedule a call out or enquire for a quote.

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    Dishwasher overhaul and set-up

    Are you thinking about reducing the time you spend washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and would like to have a dishwasher installed? Or is your dishwasher acting up and in need of repair or replacement? Let our team of trained plumbers handle the installation.

    Valve overhaul and installation

    Like anything that has to regulate pressure, it will tend to wear over time and valves are no different. Eventually, your valves will wear and even break and cause leaks. If not fixed early these leaks can cost you for each day they are not repaired in additional water bills. Let us take a look at your leaks and repair your kitchen valves so that you don’t have to deal with annoying drips.

    Trash dumping repair and installation

    Garbage disposal sinks are a modern convenience and can be so useful in the handling of the waste, but they too have their limits and need to be cleaned, maintained and repaired. If your garbage disposal unit isn’t functioning as well as it did in the past, then call us, we’re happy to take a look and get it up and running in no time.

    Obstructed drain clearing

    Are your drains not clearing as quickly as they used to? They could be filled with all sorts of debris from over the years, and as this continues to pile up, it will only see you clog up your drains.  Please speak to our team at Speed Plumbers about drain cleaning and clearing and let’s get your sink flowing as smooth as when you first had it installed.

    Water supply pipelines mending and installation

    Are your kitchen pipes not as free-flowing as they used to be? Are they making noises or rattling when you turn on the water? Are you currently dealing with a pipe burst in your kitchen and had to cut off the supply of water to your home. Then speak to the team at Speed Plumbers and let us get your pipelines fixed and get you back to using your kitchen.

    Sink overhaul

    Is your sink looking a little shoddy and in need of an upgrade? Or are you looking to renovate your kitchen with a brand new sink or plan on moving your kitchen around and the placement of your current sink poses an issue?  Don’t let that stop you from setting up your dream kitchen, we at Speed Plumbers would be more than happy to assist you in overhauling your kitchen sink.

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