High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Services

At Speed Plumbers, we don’t just unblock your drains – we clean them too! Blocked drains can be a result of food build-up, detergents, clogged hair, leaves and soil to name a few. These blockages can result in foul odours coming from sinks, basins, baths and showers. Another scary result of blocked drains is an overflowing toilet – something nobody should have to deal with! We recommend drains are cleared and cleaned before they even become blocked, so give us a call and we’ll be around with our high pressure drain cleaning services before you can say ‘help, my drain is blocked’.

Drain cleaning Durban services are usually offered by a team of practiced and well-trained professionals by sticking to industry indicated quality standards and criterions. Skilled drain cleaning services are one of the most in-demand plumbing services in recent times. Daily, one or the other property holders have a drainage block. The Clog can be in the bathroom, kitchen or basement. When the drain is clogged with dust or dirt, the water flow becomes slow. This is when professional help is required.

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    Here is a step-by-step process guide on how professional drain cleaning works:

    Drain Clog Assessment

    Typically, drainage systems stop functioning and clog up more frequently with particles like food, rubbish, grease, and so on. One more common reason could be the accumulation of minerals in the pipes. The hard water commonly causes mineral accumulation, and you need to implement a proper water purification system to prevent it. So the team will first try to inspect and locate the actual Clog.

    Drainage Clog Removal

    Next step after locating the Clog is to clean and remove the clog. But the cleaning process is a bit complex as it might involve identifying the type of Clog and cleaning the same. If it is a severe type of Clog, usage of specialized tools is required. Some of such standard tools include pipe blowers, pliers, reapers, and tubing shears. With this toolset, most type of clogs can be easily removed. The hydro-jetting technique is used for a more stubborn kind of clogs. Hydro-Jetting involves pumping in of a high-pressure stream of water through an atomizer head and tubes, which spreads across the. The high pressure ensures to clear up the Clog and also cleans the wall interiors.

    Why do you need professional help?

    Most homeowners get the question of why hire a professional for drain cleaning? Primarily, drain cleaning chemicals do not work correctly at all times. Of all, these chemicals pose the danger of eroding your drain systems quickly. With qualified drain cleaning services, the drain plumbing at your house and main drain line are fail-safes to be cleaned thoroughly and adequately.

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