Geyser Repairs and Installations

Geyser Repairs and Installations

Not only in winters, but we might also need hot water in bathrooms and kitchen during other seasons as well. That is when the usage of geyser matters. Both in a humid climate and cold countries, the geyser has become one of the most needed home appliances. On the other hand, there are a few problems that may arise with the geysers which might need immediate fixing as soon as possible so that you can enjoy unremitting usage or function.

Electric geyser is a necessary and commonly used home appliance. Appropriate installation of the geyser is essential to make sure that the appliance functions effectively and guarantees end-user safety. Geyser set up should be done as per manufacturing guiding principles only. It is recommended to hire a trained professional to do the geyser installation Durban or geyser repairs Durban.

When it comes to new geyser installations, geyser repairs and maintenance in the greater Durban, KwaZulu-Natal area – Speed Plumbers are your preferred service providers! Our professional geyser repair specialists are highly trained on all geyser-related services, and we take the utmost pride in our work. We install, maintain and repair geysers in both commercial and residential structures, and we provide peace of mind by attaching a one year guarantee to all our new geyser installations and geyser repairs. Don’t let faulty geysers leave you out in the cold – contact Speed Plumbers today!

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    Here are a few points listed down to note while setting-up a geyser appliance:

    1. Adequate space

    Since a lot of heat may be released while the geyser functions, it is necessary to find and install the geysers in a spacious area. The location or space must be according to the size of the electric geyser. While you plan for the kitchen also consider the geyser and its size. Ample space helps in good cleaning and overhauling of geyser unit.

    2. Water Connections

    Before installing the geyser unit, make sure to check for proper water supply lines. If there are none, you may have to get some new lines. Also, check for the pipes and clean them for any blockage allowing the water to flow freely.

    3. Spot-on height from the ground

    Geyser unit must be mounted at the right height from the ground level. Least possible height of 1.8 meters from ground is suggested for geyser set up. Also, ensure to set-up the unit away from moist areas like bathtubs and shower areas.

    4. Place in an appropriate place

    For the right and secured installation of geyser, it is very vital to prepare the wall appropriately. If it is a false wall frame or set-up, you can choose to put a plate and install the geyser over it. If it is hard walls, you might have to drill in holes and fix the geyser accordingly.

    Post-installation proper Geyser settings, regulator settings, safety regulators and home earth wiring connections must be reviewed regularly. If you face any issue which is not stated above, then most likely the problem can be with the heating component or bimetallic strip. The heating unit is in charge of heating up the water and regulator makes sure to switch on and off the heater as and when required. The most vital point to remember is to contact certified and trained plumbers to fix the issue rather than handling it on your own. They bring it experience in fixing the problem by handling the appliance appropriately.

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