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Questions to ask when hiring Plumbers in Pinetown Durban

Do you have a valid license?

This is the first and foremost thing to check while you are planning to hire plumbers in Pinetown. Do not forget to ask for their license copy or consider their words for it. It is seen that most of the local plumbers work without authorization. Most house owners do not check for the license and employ plumbers without verifying the same. It is essential that the plumber has registered himself with the local governing body and is authorized to work in that area.

What is the total and final tariff?

Whenever you first contact a plumbing service provider, most plumbers in Pinetown offer free estimation for their services. However, most of them might visit your house to check out the job before starting the work. Once after deciding on the plumber, sit with them and discuss the labor, material, and other contingency costs. Some estimations look right over the paper but could be the basic cost of supplies and will hit the roof as work goes on. So it is vital to ask them about the approximate total cost.

Are you insured?

While employing a service provider, you must ensure to check if they are both bonded and assured. A good quality plumbing worker usually brings both the documents, which means he is insured and has a bond for the client’s materials. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance and bonding before you make a hiring decision.​ It is entirely ok to ask for both the bond and insurance papers before you decide to hire them. A bond will cover the damages done during the job and other non-quoted expenses while the insurance is for the plumber’s safety purpose.

When do you want to make the payment

If he is going to do a simple plumbing work you don’t have to have a payment plan. While for bigger jobs, such as alterations you might, without a doubt, need to discuss the payment schedule. Most plumbers demand compensation of 10% of the task before beginning the work and 50% needs to be salaried once the job is half the way. Ensure to discuss and understand the payment terms before you make a hiring choice.​ Also, you can check about the mode of payment they expect, either through cards, online fund transfer or cash with the plumber beforehand.

Do you have any references?

A trustworthy plumber must be able to give you some names of other gratified clients who he has worked for around your area. Now there are a lot of websites also, that provides reviews and testimonials about such service providers. You can also do some basic research online before you decide to hire someone. It is entirely ok to check and then hire someone rather than choosing an unknown worker who charges less.